Friday, June 19, 2009


I want to share the progress in our family room make over. It has been harder than I tough because of the wood paneling we have in that room. It takes triple the time than to paint a regular wall. I have to go over the wall one time with the roller and then came back with a paint brush to cover all the irregularities of the wood.

The first step was to put the primer and then I started to add the color to one of the walls. I almost finish with that wall when my hubby come back from work. As soon as he saw it, he said he did not like it. Bummer!!!

So we started looking for other color and we choose a turquoise, called Mermaid Treasure, combined with a blue, called Embellished Blue.

I just finished applying the first coat of the turquoise and is looking beeeaaaauuutiful!

Here are some pictures of the before, sorry they are a little blurry.

And here is the "to do" list for when we finish with the paint.

- look for a color for the furniture
- sand and paint the furniture
- clean everything
- organize furniture
- look for vintage fabric to make curtains and pillows
- print pictures for the frames
- light fixtures
- finish decorating

Well that's all I have for today. Now I'm off to work as you can see the to do list is long.