Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little of this...and a little of that...

Many things are going on at our home. We are preparing our home to receive my parents in law next week. That means:
- Cleaning everywhere
- Organizing everywhere
- Redecorating some rooms in the house
- and the big project of painting and rearranging furniture in the family room

Update on that project: we had a lot of work with this room. The walls were really in bad shape, so we have to sand them and fix it. I have almost finish with the primer and then the walls will we ready for the make over. Of course my head is of new things to make for the decoration. I promise to take some picture today for the before and of course I will show you the after.

I have some new products that will be in my shop in the afternoon today. Here are some pictures of them:

Candida Headband

Vanessa Brooch

Erica Brooch

Well I hope everyone is having a great week and do not forget to visit my shop today.
See you soon!