Friday, December 21, 2007

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello everyone!!! I finally get my new computer and can update when ever I want. I feel so free!!!
How are you doing with all the Christmas preparation? I have not put the tree yet!!! Can you believe it? I will try to do it during the wee. I'll post some pictures when I do it.
I have been working a lot. Thank God my Etsy shop is doing so well, but you what that means, I cut, stitch and put button all day long, all week long too. It a 1 human being company!!! ja It's O.K. I like it.
It has been snowing here in Evergreen, so it's more of a "Everwhite Park" right now.
Here is a photo of the front of my house.... It looks nice ahhh.

And this is a photo of the golf course in front of my house....

I have been doing a new Christmas ornaments. It is a bird and a heart. Both will hold a message one will be "LOVE" and the other "PEACE" Do you like them? They will be in my Etsy shop in a couple of days. The flowers on them are vintage. I absolutely love how they turn out.

And this make me so happy... I have been knitting again!!! It was my first love. I knit this neck cozies yesterday while I was watching "Little children" (great movie). I have to finish the details on and I'll post it again. I need a beautiful vintage big button to put on it. What do you think?
What a pleasure to knit again. I loveeeeeee it!

And this is the next project on my list. My daughter, Florencia, chooses this yarn and the color (my favorite). I will knit a poncho for her and also she wants a cozies just like mine. I'll promise to update on this too.

That's all I have right now... see you in the next post. Kisses, Paola