Thursday, May 28, 2009

My favorite show is on again!!!

Katee & Joshua

Chelsie & Mark

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our weekend in pictures

And the birthday party ended with ice cream and strawberries (as I was so lazy to make a cake ;)
Every body was singing Happy B-day and we were so happy to have such a wonderful day!
See you soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today is a sad day for the Latin community that likes poetry. Today Mario Benedetti had day. He was considered one of Latin America's most important 20th-century writers. You can fin more information about him here.

I remember in my teens years, I use to read his books all the time and had a journal with all his poems. When I felt sad because of some boyfriend or very happy because I was in love, I always read his poems.

I try my best to translate his poems to English, I hope I did well. But I will post the Spanish version because they have more meaning for me.
I hope you like them...

Tactics and Strategy

My tactic is
look at you
learn how you are
love you as you are.

My tactic is
and listen to you
build with word
an indestructible bridge.

My tactic is
stay in your memory
I do not know how or
what pretext to use
but stay in you.

My tactic is
be frank
and know that you are honest
and we do not sell
so that between the two are
no curtain
or depths.

My strategy is
deeper and more

My strategy is that any day
I do not know how or
with what pretext
you will finally need me.

Táctica y estrategia

Mi táctica es
aprender como sos
quererte como sos.

Mi táctica es
y escucharte
construir con palabras
un puente indestructible.

Mi táctica es
quedarme en tu recuerdo
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
pero quedarme en vos.

Mi táctica es
ser franco
y saber que sos franca
y que no nos vendamos
para que entre los dos

no haya telón
ni abismos.

Mi estrategia es
en cambio
más profunda y más

Mi estrategia es
que un día cualquiera
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
por fin me necesites.

I love you

Your hands are my caress,
my everyday chords;
I love you because your hands
working for justice.

If I love you is because you are
my love, my partner, and everything.
And on the street side by side
We are more than two.

Your eyes are my spell
against a bad day;
I love you because your eyes
watch and seed future.

Your mouth that is yours and mine,
Your mouth is not wrong;
I love you because your mouth
knows how to yell rebelliousness.

If I love you is because you are
my partner, my love and everything.
And on the street side by side
We are more than two.

And for your honest face .
And your bum step.
And you cry for the world.
Because you are people I love you.

And because love is not aurora,
candid moral,
and because we are partners
who knows that we are not alone.

I want you in my paradise;
I want you in my country
where people live happily
even if there is not permit.

If I love is because you are
my love, my partner and everything.
And on the street side by side
We are more than two.

Te quiero

Tus manos son mi caricia,
mis acordes cotidianos;
te quiero porque tus manos
trabajan por la justicia.

Si te quiero es porque sos
mi amor, mi cómplice, y todo.
Y en la calle codo a codo
somos mucho más que dos.

Tus ojos son mi conjuro
contra la mala jornada;
te quiero por tu mirada
que mira y siembra futuro.

Tu boca que es tuya y mía,
Tu boca no se equivoca;
te quiero por que tu boca
sabe gritar rebeldía.

Si te quiero es porque sos
mi amor mi cómplice y todo.
Y en la calle codo a codo
somos mucho más que dos.

Y por tu rostro sincero.
Y tu paso vagabundo.
Y tu llanto por el mundo.
Porque sos pueblo te quiero.

Y porque amor no es aurora,
ni cándida moraleja,
y porque somos pareja
que sabe que no está sola.

Te quiero en mi paraíso;
es decir, que en mi país
la gente vive feliz
aunque no tenga permiso.

Si te quiero es por que sos
mi amor, mi cómplice y todo.
Y en la calle codo a codo
somos mucho más que dos.

If you like his work you can find more poems here and you can use the google translator to read them in English.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Treasury love

Yeyyyy, I got select for a treasury list!!! The creator of this treasury is from With all my art.
I just want to say thank you to her and do not forget to visit her shop.

Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is just a tag game that I found in other blog. I like the idea of finding 15 things that make me happy.

I am happy when...
1- Drink "mate" (Argentinian tea) with friends

2- My daughter's kisses & hugs
3- Picnics in the park with family or/& friends
4- Have breakfast or any meal outside
5- A day in the beach
6- Talk to my mom, sisters or nieces
7- Creating
8- Eat "asado" (Argentinian barbecue)
9- Taking pictures (this camera is my new obsession)

10- Music & dancing
11- have extra time with hubby
12- that the flowers I planted are growing
13- Romantic & good movies & books

14- Dreaming about vacationing in Bombhinias, Cuatro Islas y Mariscal in Brazil


Cuatro islas

Mariscal & Zimbros

15- My small family here and the big one in Argentina

Well there is a lot more of things that make me happy, but this are the most important.

This is a tag game, but I do not want to put pressure in anybody. So, if you like this game and want to participate just do it and leave a comment in my blog so I can go and see it.

Have a wonderful day,

Ps, my recap about mother's day will have to wait as I can not upload my pictures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

For this day I have choose some beautiful and different bouquets.

A Touch Of Spring Vintage Button Bouquet

from The Button Hole shop


from Jillianns shop

Now I want to thank these two gorgeous and funny girls who make me a mother. As difficult and hard as it is to be a mother, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I hope all the mothers have a wonderful day filled with love and memories to treasure.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown # 6

I love this tight and think they are gorgeous sexy to wear. They are from Tattoo Socks and more...

I hope you like my selection for today enough to go and check all the beautiful things in this shop.
Have a wonderful Saturday,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown #5

This is my favorite gift from my list for Mother's day. I love this kind of jewelery that has some meaning in it. This necklace and bracelet are from The Vintage Pearl shop. All the designs in this shop are gorgeous and beautifully crafted. It was hard to choose just one, so I select two ;)

Aren't they lovely?

See you tomorrow,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown #4

Today in my gift list is a gorgeous necklace from Pink Pear Designs. As it says in the shop announcement "it's jewelery inspired by romance". I can add that you can feel attracted for her great picture and perfectly hand crafted products. I love this necklace and the name of it. Lovely!

He Brought Her Flowers For No Reason

This week my hubby has been away and I have the opportunity to watch those romantic comedies that he doesn't like so much. I am enjoying my sobredosis of laughing and crying. ;)

The first one on my list was "Bride Wars" I really love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I think they both are very good actresses. There are many parts that are my favorites but the best one is when Kate found out her hair is BLUE. This movie was really fun to watch.

The second one we watched was Marley & Me. Beautiful movie. This one made me cry like crazy but make me think too. My daughters ask me to get a dog all the time and I always says no.
When I finished watching this movie I though that I was right. When I was a child, I had all kind of pets at home. And when them die I felt horrible. And I don't want my girls to feel that bad.
But then as I was thinking about the movie I realize that the best part of the movie were about all the years that they have fun with Marley or the times were him make them feel better just with looking at them or moving his tail.
So we'll see what is going to happen in the future.

See you tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother Day # 3

Good morning friends! Well not so good right now for me :( I have a terrible headache. It is 10 am and I already need a nap, yep.

Today countdown #3 is one of my obsessions, PURSES. Yes, I love purses in all the styles, color and sizes available. This clutch is from Kimberly Jones Designs. In this shop you will find clutches in different sizes and a big variety of fabrics. I will be very happy to count this whimsical clutch between my bags collection.

And here I leave you with a picture of one of my last headbands.

Carrie Headband

Have a wonderful day, see you soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown #2

I love to take long bath from time to time and when I do it I tend to use every cream I have. I usually do a mask for my hair, a mask for my face & a mask for my feet. But I always love the sensation of polishing your body, for me it's very relaxing and when I finish my skin feels so clean, soft and smells good. What else could you ask for?

So this Pomegranate Mango Mojito Body Polish, is the next thing in my Mother's day gift list.

Look at that picture, I almost can smell the mango scent. Looooovvvvveeee it!!!

This scrub is from The Pig And The Peacock's, and as it says in the shop announcement, it is a
really treat to yourself. You will find handmade soup, scrubs, body polishings, candles and many more products. So, please, go to this shop and check all the smelly good in it!!!

And now I want to show you some new products I will be adding to my shop trough the day.

Becky Hair Clips

Maite Headband

Fabiana Headband

Sarita Headband

Do not forget to check my shop to see all the new designs that are coming to The Sassy Owl

See you tomorrow & please if you like my post leave some love ;]

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown #1

As we are a week away from Mother's Day, I have decided to do a gift guide countdown with some of my favorites (I hope hubby see my subliminal list, ja ;])

The first one is from Flora Bond. I love the this style of jewelery but let see how the owner describe her designs:

"Fabulous neoclassical Victorian designs with a flare of romance and humor. You will love to adorn yourself with these whimsical imaginatively serous jewelry and accessories." Flora Bond.

It was really hard to select just one as I love many of her products. But I finally could get it down to one and here it is:

Big and Beautiful Earrings

I choose this pair of earrings because aqua is one of my favorite colors and lover the antique look of them. The have the right mix of romantic and whimsical that I love.

Do not forget to check Flora Bond shop. It is full of gorgeous things and for sure you will find something that meets your expectations.

This weekend I was dedicated to clean my front yard. I cut the grass, cleaned the weeds and plant some new flowers. While I was working my daughters were riding their bikes and playing outside. That was when I heard they calling me and saying "look what we found"

S & F are in love with this baby rabbits and go were they left them to check how they are doing all the time. This is one of the things I love about my neighborhood. It is full of wild animal, raccoons, ducks, birds, rabbits, possums, hawks, and many more. And my daughters can grow enjoying the nature around us.