Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring break list

I am very sorry that I miss the date of my giveaway but I had been really busy with my girls on spring break. Here you can see what we have been up to during this week.

Friday: Dinner at home with friends
Saturday: Resting
Sunday: Easter at home with friends
Monday: working for my shop and resting from the weekend
Tuesday: working and I took S & F to see Hanna Montana the movie
Wednesday: working & hair saloon day. S & F got a new hair cut
Thursday: working, shipping orders. Picnic at the park with friends. Marriage class. Girls sleepover.
Friday: working. F was all day with her friend and then S brig her friend and played outside
Saturday: Long talk with hubby. Picnic at the park. Shopping clothes for the girls. Watch "Bed time stories". Girls sleepover at home.
Sunday: Screaming, jumping, running, singing, dancing, playing truth or dare & repeat all again. Preparing things for going back to school.

I finished my Spring break more tired than how I started, but my girls have lots of fun. That's more important!

And now let's see who is the winner of my first giveaway. I used number generator to select the winners.

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# 5 is

Janelle said...

I love your headbands, so fun and lovely! (:

For Easter weekend we drove to my in-laws (about 7 hrs) and spent the wknd with them (: My kids don't get to be w/ them @ their home often so it is really fun to have that time. We had a nice easter dinner, painted eggs, the girls got fun goodies in their baskets and an egg-hunt when we got home. (:


And # 1 is:

Blogger Sarah said...

For Easter, we went to visit both sides of the family, had egg hunts, great food, and church. It was a blast.

I love you're creations!

I want to thank you everyone who enter to this giveaway. I love to read your stories! I think I will be doing a giveaway every month. So come back and visit my blog!