Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break give Away!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was very nice, I had a weekend full of friends, great conversations and good food.

Now coming back to reality. I know I promised an Easter give away but as we are enjoying the Spring break I am going to do a Spring break give away =D

Here are the give away details:

In the comments of this post, write about how you celebrated Easter, and please leave your name & Email :]

I will choose two winners on Friday 17Th.

One winner will receive this beautiful pair of hair clips. They are made with a very soft wool felt blend in deep red and light orange. I hand cut and hand embroidery them. They are the perfect final touch to any outfit.

Milena Hair Clips

The second winner will receive one my new headband designs. My headband are totally handmade. I hand sewn and hand embroidery them, there is not glue involve at all.
This gorgeous headband is made out of soft wool felt blend. The color combination is one of my favorites. Off white, dark gray and turquoise. The flower is made of four layers and is finished with a vintage button as a detail.

Samantha Headband

Well I hope to have a lot of entries for the give away, so please send a give away alert trough your blogs or twitter.



Sarah said...

For Easter, we went to visit both sides of the family, had egg hunts, great food, and church. It was a blast.

I love you're creations!

pam said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win your fabulous giveaway.

Our Easter began on Friday with a would-be egg hunt which was not to be. Instead we spent the day playing at the park as a family.

Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's. Twenty-two family members joined us for Easter supper. After supper the kids bundled up and went out to play soccer. It was great fun watching the cousins young and old play together.

Sunday morning was our Easter Bunny Egg hunt.

Our Easter was full of making memories, and spending time with family!

Anonymous said...

Easter Sunday called for 100% chance of rain in the beautiful state of Oklahoma so we changed things around this year and celebrated Easter on Saturday with a special visit from the easter bunny, a neighboorhood egghunt and tons of eating and sweets and quality time with family and friends.

Love your stuff! =)

Andrea said...

Love them!!!!, LIKE ALWAYS. Thanks for the opportunity.
For Easter, we had an Easter hunt around the house, then brunch with friends. We all had a great time;).
sorry no dejo mi email, ya que quiero mi privacidad.

Janelle said...

I love your headbands, so fun and lovely! (:

For Easter weekend we drove to my in-laws (about 7 hrs) and spent the wknd with them (: My kids don't get to be w/ them @ their home often so it is really fun to have that time. We had a nice easter dinner, painted eggs, the girls got fun goodies in their baskets and an egg-hunt when we got home. (:


Jeni said...

On Easter we weren't going to make a big deal, because my grandfather died on Easter a few years back so it's been a hard day for my family each year since then. We started out with the egg hunt around our house as well as the kids looking for their baskets. After that we were just going to go to eat supper at our aunt's house. My daughter, who is always a princess, had to dress up. She went in her closet and chose and dressed herself with what she called a princess dress. At five years old everything is about pretty jewelry, dresses and hair bands. LOL. It really cheered me up to see her so into the day. We ended up having a lovely day.
Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful creations, Jenni

sachia said...

Um, not sure you want to know about my crazy Easter. Jumped on a plane with my 9 1/2month old daughter without my hubby because he is a crazy attorney who works non-stop. Got there, she cut her nose, lip and cheek within the first day. Her car seat that we brought flipped over while we were driving onto the seat, luckily she was ok. I then decided it as all too much and jumped on a plane back home. Expensive but worth every penny to come home. I'll leave on another trip maybe when she's ten!

BrigaBauble said...

Beautiful work! Not sure that I can claim to have celebrated Easter to be honest. My now ex-boyfriend and best friend moved out of the apartment we share (were sharing) on Friday. My mom canceled our family celebration because my sister and brother-in-law went on a "family" vacation and my uncle is really sick. (I have a small family).

So, um, I spent Easter wishing I was at my (ex)boyfriend's parents' house, sharing a family meal with him, his parents and his sisters or playing with my 5- and 11-year-old nephews.

Sorry. That sounds awful doesn't it?

I too have a giveaway if you'd like to stop by and raise your spirits :)

Susanne said...

We had a very mellow Easter. Mellow but fun. We stayed home and colored Easter eggs. And had a nice meal with just the family. It was a nice day (finally) so we did get outside to play. And my oldest has finally gotten the hang of her bike without training wheels.

I did little toys for Easter, instead of candy this year. One of the toys I got for them were lego figures, so my two oldest had a long lego play session with very few arguments.

The day before we colored more eggs and had an Easter egg hunt. The kids enjoyed it so much, they hid the eggs again and made us find them!