Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here I am!!!

How are you? I have been a little lazy blogger this week. It is like I couldn't find something to write about. It is really hard to feel inspired after a week of rain :( and today is raining again! Today I feel a little better as I woke up to some new orders in my shop. It seems that it was what I needed to feel better.

I have been working in some wholesale orders and some new designs for my shop. As soon as I finish them I will share some pictures and tell you were you can find them.

A friend of mine ask me to do a headband for her daughter, Rafaela, and it come out beautiful. Here is a picture of it... what do you think?

I start a new book yesterday. It is called "the book thief", I am reading a Spanish version but that is the tittle in English. My friend, A, red it and says is a very sad but good book. I"ll see.

I am so happy because I found out that a book I red Is been made into a movie. I loved this book and finished it crying. It is called "My sister's keeper" from Judi Picoult. I can't wait to see it.

And there is another movie that I am waiting to see as soon as it is in the theaters: "Fame"
This was my favorite series from my childhood. I remember I come back running from my dance class to see it and never miss one.

Well this is all for today! See you soon!