Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something that I am in love with...

Hi there,
This are some of my favorite stores at Etsy. Do you think I should put all this beautiful creations in my Christmas list? I think I should ;)


I love this tree and I have a lot of earrings that I think would look great in it. Love it!!!


I am drooling over this gorgeous necklace. I can not believe the things this artist creates. Check her out!


I love knitting. It was one of my first creative outlet when I was a teenager. I still love to knit and I do it. But I could never do a beautiful cowl like this one.


This bag has been one of my favorites for long time. It cames in many colors and I can not decide which one I like the best. Yellow is my favorite color but it also look great in pink, chocolate or the one that is in the picture. Maybe I have to get one of each one, what you think? jajajaj


I really love this journal. It will be nice to do a sewing journal.


And last but not least, Fringe. It is my favorite Etsy store. Full of beauties and creativity as you can see.

I hope you enjoy my list of favorites, of course I have a lot more to share but I will leave them for other time.
Have a wonderful evening!