Friday, October 24, 2008

I am coming back!!!

Hello my friends!!!
It's been a while since last post. I know, I am sorry :(
I had lost of things going on during summer and it was very hard for my to go on with all.

My sister, Carolina, was visiting me for the FIRST TIME. We had a wonderful time going around in Chicago as tourist again. We went to see all the attractions and things that we never do. It was great, but it was time consuming as well. Little by little I will be posting some pictures.

After my sister left, my mom came in. She is staying here for two months and is great to have her help and company for this time.

I had been working very hard. Lots of new design, that just now I have the time to upload and process. Here are some of them:

This is a pair of beautiful paisleys. They are made with a very soft mix of felt. The bright aqua, hot pink, gorgeous orange with a beaded detail that make them perfect for any girl.

Some beauty for Halloween too. What do you think about flowers for Halloween? I love the idea. Orange and purple felt on black velvet ribbon.

Fall color. Don't you love to see all the colors around during fall? It is the more inspiring season of all. Beautiful burgundy, sage and different shades of orange. Yum!

This is Matilde. She is an elegant black and red owl. A beautiful detail you can add to your outfits.

And the las one is just a candy eye for you.

More to come!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.