Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want that, and that and that too!!!

How are you guys? I am fine with doing lots of things and a lot more to do. I am finishing some Etsy orders, in a while we are going to an school open house, then cooking and finally some Tv. with hubby.

I just pop here to share "4 new things" (this was Andrea's idea), here they go:

4 favorite books

Ann of green Gables (teen time) from L.M. Montgomery
I really, really love all the Ann books. They are so inspiring and I love Ann. I have my old books all safe at my mom's home in Argentina The house of the spirits/ La casa de los espiritus from Isabel Allende
This is a great book and a fabulous movie. Each character is beautifully descripted. It is a book that once you started reading it you can not stop, and when you get to the end you want to start reading it again. Love it!!!
Shopaholic book series (fun, fun, fun) from Shopie Kinsella

I just have one book from this series to read. Each one of them is full of very fun and great "shopping adventures"
My sister's keeper/ Por la vida de mi hermana drom Judi Picoult
It was the first book I read from Judi Picoult, and now I have all of her books in my "list to read"
I was so submerged in the story that I did not want to finish it, and when I did I was crying. Great read!!!

Some other things I have in mind.
I want to take my daughters to see this:

I want to buy one of this:

or this one:

You can find more designs at Craftsters

And last but not least, one of these organizers. Cute!

I think I will get the birdie one, what you think?
This are from Crunchy cute


Ps, I know I promise some recipes for today but I did not have time to translate them to English. I think they will be ready for tomorrow.