Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is just a tag game that I found in other blog. I like the idea of finding 15 things that make me happy.

I am happy when...
1- Drink "mate" (Argentinian tea) with friends

2- My daughter's kisses & hugs
3- Picnics in the park with family or/& friends
4- Have breakfast or any meal outside
5- A day in the beach
6- Talk to my mom, sisters or nieces
7- Creating
8- Eat "asado" (Argentinian barbecue)
9- Taking pictures (this camera is my new obsession)

10- Music & dancing
11- have extra time with hubby
12- that the flowers I planted are growing
13- Romantic & good movies & books

14- Dreaming about vacationing in Bombhinias, Cuatro Islas y Mariscal in Brazil


Cuatro islas

Mariscal & Zimbros

15- My small family here and the big one in Argentina

Well there is a lot more of things that make me happy, but this are the most important.

This is a tag game, but I do not want to put pressure in anybody. So, if you like this game and want to participate just do it and leave a comment in my blog so I can go and see it.

Have a wonderful day,

Ps, my recap about mother's day will have to wait as I can not upload my pictures.


Andrea said...

hola Pao!!!!!! hace dias que no leia tu blog, que buenas cosas pusiste!!!!!!!!
Feliz DIa de la Madre!!!!! (un poco tarde)
Bueno te mando besos, me encanta tu Tag, pero me da verguenaza hacerlos, es que mi familia del lado de mi marido lee mi blog tambien, esta buenisimo el tag y lo que pones tambien!!!!!